Hi, I'm Adrian.

I help Execs & Senior Leaders to discover and deliver on their transformational goals with authenticity, congruence and energy.

Are you interested in unlocking the door to a new chapter on your leadership?

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I can help you with

Deep systemic coaching for Execs, Leaders and Change Agents to create transformative results with confidence and clarity.
Leadership team coaching for navigating change and developing improved leadership models in service of organisational goals.
Developmental group coaching for leaders, change agents and Agile players to embed skills beyond the training room.
Coaching and strategy alignment for innovative, culturally congruent organisational transformation. 
Creative and innovative facilitation to uncover awareness and surface new possibilities for leadership teams and organisations.

leaders love coaching

"My brain is going Boom! I'm having so many ideas. I can't tell you how valuable this is! "
Technical Leader
"Oh wow. I feel like I need to book in a few clear hours after our conversations to work through all of these ideas! "
Service Owner
"Thank you! I really enjoyed our sessions. The thinking that we did helped me gain a new perspective and ideas for conversations with my CEO."
"I really didn't think that I would change when I first came to coaching but now I am noticing things differently and responding to them differently too."
Head of Profession
"I love this model for Transformation. We should patent this. Why is everybody not doing this?!"
Head of Department
"Well that was an epiphany! You are really making me think!"
Head of Profession
"I have a new perspective now. I thought that the challenge was one thing but I can see now that it is something completely different!"
Senior Civil Servant
"This coaching has enabled me to totally transform my life and way of looking at things."
Technical Leader
"I love how we come with new ways of solving problems that result in me doing less work and occupying my role authentically as a leader."
Head of Profession
"Thank you so much! The team are saying that that was the best off-site they have ever had."
Head of Department
"Thank you, I feel much more equipped to have that difficult conversation now."
Head of Profession
"Working together has been great! I love how you come up with different ideas each time to get my mind thinking. I am now far more comfortable trusting the team and they feel that too."
Portfolio Manager
"I am really starting to put in to action the things we are talking about and notice and live the values that we spoke about."
Technical Leader
"This is gold! This is so obvious isn't it? Why am I not doing this already?!"
Service Owner
"I'm really starting to understand my place and the rhythm and flow of change in my role and within my team and organisation."
Technical Leader
"I can't tell you how useful this time is. I mean like insanely useful! We'll talk about something then the penny will continue to drop for weeks after."
Technical Leader
How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

To explore 1:1 coaching, why not start by downloading my coaching questions and seeing what comes up for you? Alternatively, just drop me a line and we can take it from there.

Curious or Ready?

Drop me a line for an informal chat about you, your goals, your questions and to see if we think we could work together in a truly meaningful way.

I will get back to you within 24hrs.

Are you not having the impact with your role and leadership that you would like to? Does your work feel like wading through treacle? Do you know that you could achieve more than you are currently? Or are you taking on a new or exciting responsibility?
Schedule a conversation
Get in touch for a conversation. It doesn't matter if you are on top of the world or stuck in rut. I'll meet you where you are.
Shape the process
If we decide to work together then we'll work out what is useful and appropriate for you. Do you like structure up-front or interest-led sessions that evolve with your changing reality?
Develop flow
Life happens. We might work out goals for the next 12 months then something big changes. That's okay, we can flex and adapt coaching as it suits you.
Look for and expect positive changes
I don't promise "overnight transformation". I work with people seeking subtle, meaningful and long term shifts in the flow of life and leadership.

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