How we can work together

Working in service of your future self and organisation

Our coaching time together will be an enabling supportive and motivating experience. In partnership we will co-create the space to generate fresh perspectives, open new doors and connect you to your best thinking.

In our sessions we will take a radically inclusive approach and there is an open invitation to bring in to the room all of the systems in which you belong, have belonged or seek to belong.

Through uncovering and exploring your questions, challenges and goals we will work in service of developing systemic flow and congruence to enable you occupy and author your leadership with authenticity, energy, purpose and direction.

Typical benefits experienced include:

  • Renewed confidence, clarity, purpose and energy
  • Revitalised engagement, empathy and alignment with stakeholders, teams and colleagues
  • Heightened self and systemic awareness 
  • Greater comfort in space, role and authority
  • Future-facing personal and organisational strategy and momentum
  • Improved work / life balance and congruence

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Pairing leadership team coaching with leadership coaching is like a magnifier for your leadership coaching. We take the work from the 1:1 sessions and work together to embed the learning and use the direct feedback loops to learn quickly and frequently over a period of time.

Alternatively, we can also work on a specific challenge or question on which the team are stuck.

Common benefits experienced from team coaching include:

  • Embedded practice of really listening to each other
  • More effective and impactful meetings
  • Improved understanding of colleagues and shared goals
  • Greater ‘team’ performance
  • Enhanced ability to cope with change
  • Increased confidence and connection to purpose as a unit 

Increase in future-facing and stakeholder-pleasing decisions

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Working on organisational transformation initiatives in  since 2005, I have had many years of refining and honing my approach tin this area. I have had the privilege of working with a diverse and inspiring mix of leaders and studying and testing a wide range of theories in action.

One lesson that I have learnt is that you can’t transform an organisation without supporting the people on their own journey of transformation. Unfortunately, failing to acknowledge and account for this deep loyalty that people have to a perceived future remains one of the great secrets of the general transformation movement.

With organisational transformations there is no single way or magic recipe that is guaranteed to produce a specific result. However, there are many traps that can be avoided and the approaches I leverage and will co-create with you are designed to create a transformation initiative that is:

  • Results focused
  • Inclusive and holistic with leaders leading
  • Congruent with your organisational culture
  • Respectful of who you are as an organisation
  • Inspiring for your employees, partners and stakeholders
  • Adaptable to change as markets, ambitions, needs and conditions evolve
  • Able to deliver incremental and iterative improvements in service of the future you want to create

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Our group coaching supports people with common challenges, maybe around developing leadership skills or working with “Agile” teams. In the process we develop:

  • Options for specific business challenges and broader lessons for organisational learning
  • A supportive and collaborative mindset
  • Coaching skills within your organisation
  • Better ability to listen to each other in a deeper generative way
  • Improved Systemic awareness and thinking
  • Demonstrable organisational improvements

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No matter how big or small your group, whether in-person or virtual, if you have a challenge that you want to overcome with humans then creative facilitation is a great way to build energy, alignment and momentum for a cause.

We create and facilitate bespoke leadership team, departmental or organisational events that can work as a one-off’s or a series of events either over a series of days or over a period of time. 

Typical topics include:

  • Organisational changes
  • Organisational culture reviews
  • Innovation workshops
  • Transformation workshops 
  • Future-spective events
  • Team reviews often called “Therapy for teams” 

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