Adrian Hall

Hi – my name is Adrian, nice to meet you!

I am passionate about working with people who are interested in understanding, creating and owning a future that is different to their present. 

If you have an open mind, want change in your life or work and are prepared to reflect, grow and commit to some deep thinking then give me a call.

I would love to have a conversation to see if we can surface some meaningful goals to work on and create the kind of relationship needed for deep coaching. 

My Coaching Philosophy

I believe that much of what we do today is to run from action to action, repeating patterns in our lives, rarely pausing to reflect deeply and to consider whether these patterns still serve us in a way they once might have.

As a coach I work with clients to co-create a facilitative and catalytic environment where people slow down their thinking and take a broader view of their reality. In this space people uncover transformative opportunities as they become aware of and take more empowered and resonant decisions and develop a more conscious and congruent style of working and leading.

My Background

I dedicated nearly 20 years of my working life to working in, building and leading teams in and alongside this world of Agile working. 

On this journey, I have run my own business, worked with some great global organisations and held SLT (Senior Leadership Team) positions. I was also lucky enough to work across a diverse range of industries from Start-ups and Media to IoT, Financial Services and Government Departments.

However, as I worked to try and help clients adopt new working patterns in consulting and teaching roles I always came to a point of resistance or noticed how transforming organisations would get stuck or bounce back to previous habits. 

This lead me to dig deeper in to how I was showing up and what was it about me and the role that I was occupying and these clients that contributed to this repeating situation.

This was my spark for my personal journey of transformation from Senior Leader to Coach and is why I now focus most of my efforts on creating the coaching space in partnership with my clients to help them find their own spark and to bring back flow and energy to their leadership and organisations.

In addition to coaching I mentor, consult, train and run Agile Principles.