Are you listening with your body?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… I was preparing for a workshop.
In this system, people had told me that there was low trust and something of a blame culture. People had told me that they regularly feel frantic and late. People had told me that the system is really busy.
I felt the pressure. Expectation and challenge were high. Deadlines were short.
I spent the evening working on slides. I got up early to do the same thing.
…except I didn’t.
I came downstairs and looked left to my office and then right to my living room.
A voice inside me said “Use the force Luke”; I trusted my heart over my head and went to living room where I started a meditation.
As I gave myself the time to listen to my body I felt a tension in my head. Unhelpful thoughts wouldn’t fade away, so I went with it and recognised this lack of trust or doubt in myself. Was this feeling of failing at something that I have done time after time really mine? Who might this feeling belong to? Could this be a systemic tension that I was tuning into?
From this place of acknowledgement and possibility, I could ease into the meditation and clarity came to me. 
What is my antidote to pressure and feeling judged? 
Maybe ease, trust and encouragement? I almost instantly felt lighter and more hopeful. 
So I chose to trust myself and embody ease and trust and encouragement for my workshop instead.
What happened?
Well, I think I could have embodied ease and slowness a little better at the start of the session but…

My clients came on the journey and generated lots of fantastic and inspiring ideas. They fed back that they got the opportunity to listen to each other in way that they don’t usually and maybe never have before.

…and we didn’t use or miss any slides.

How do you listen to your body?