weeks ago
My word for the day is Emergence.

And the resources that present themselves to me as I explore Emergence are Slowness and Awareness.

Initially, I find myself looking at Emergence with a gentle respect and from a distance to give it some space. Emergence flows and grows gently and feels timeless, like a warm gentle breeze passing through the trees. Gone but always there. It is happy to be noticed but not particularly changed by little old me.  

The connection within me feels deeper. As I embrace the relationship and the doors that it opens I sense a relaxing in my body and my head tingles with a feeling that reminds me of innocent joy or universal love. There is a promise, a hope within emergence.

As I sense into my resources, I feel slowness living deep within my body, somewhere between my heart and my gut. Slowness, has a kindness to it and it lets me know that it is part of me and it always has been, even if I ignore it sometimes.

Awareness feels, at the same time, removed from my body, standing back and observing from slightly higher up and yet also connected to my third eye. Feeling into my awareness I notice a shiver run through my body and gradually a sense of opening creeps into my whole being.

With my awareness and slowness in tune, I feel emergence moving closer and becoming more open to the noticing. This in turn invites me to move closer as I stand beside emergence looking ahead together. Then I notice that “ahead” in this constellation is towards me and I have been exploring my own emerging.   

Growth, change or emergence is constant within the universe. Even that which looks static is in a constant state of change or effort on some level, even if that effort is directed at resisting change.

This is true of our selves, our teams and our organisational systems. The real question is how are we noticing this and what is emerging within us in response.

As humans, leaders or coaches we often receive coded or direct invitations maybe to fix, judge, lead or exclude others. However, pausing and allowing space for Slowness and Awareness and greeting the invitation, the symptom that we have been invited to attend to and our response as useful information from the system opens the door to a compassionate curiosity, a shared non-judgemental awareness and the possibility of healthy growth.

We know this to be true when we think of our own personal change but it is easy to forget in organisations, where we all need twice as much in half the time.  

As I look outside my window now, I appreciate the slowness of the seasons and natural rhythm of the systems around me and as I pack away my constellation I welcome the gifts of my slowness and awareness and look on emergence with a heartfelt appreciation and deep warmth as we prepare to walk forwards together.

What would resource you and what is emerging for you today?

And what might you explore that would resource your emergence?