How do you keep safe?

Safety is important isn’t it?

The safety of social conformity keeps us alive, it keeps us fed and it keeps us loved.

Safety is belonging.

…but safety’s shadow is judgement.

…and judgement keeps us small.

Even as I write this post, thoughts to keep me safe swim around my head.
“Who are you to write this post? Other people know far more than you.”
“It’s all been said before. No-one will care”

WTF – Would I say these things to anyone else!!??

Is it possible that any post is completely original?
Is it possible that any post appeals to everybody?
It is possible that anyone is THE most knowledgeable person on any particular topic?

Of course not! We set up these BS rules for ourselves to keep ourselves safe all the time.
To save ourselves from that feeling of not belonging, of being excluded, that feeling we all know and fear deep inside.

So safety and judgement bear gifts but they come at a price.

They limit what we think of others, what we think of ourselves, how we lead, how we work in teams, how we shape our organisations and how we live our lives.

The secret is that we all carry these hidden rules with us that once kept us safe, fed and loved.

Often these stay locked up and untouched, ignored for years, gently guiding and limiting our lives and relationships.

However, inspiring humans like the ones I work with every day, make space for vulnerability and by opening the door to deep self-reflection they move on to bigger, bolder, greater, and more fulfilling lives and work.

So today… I wish for us all to make a little space for vulnerability and for all our hearts to grow a little fuller.  

What beliefs might help you to grow?