Well being for a Well world?

In front of you are two chairs. In one is your Being and the other your Doing.

What might they say to you?

What signals are you ignoring and what are you listening to?

What would nourish them today?

I’d encourage you to take a minute to explore what this might mean, if you expand your horizons beyond your head and consider listening to your heart and your body. How might this help you be a Well Being? This is one way of thinking of yourself systemically. 

As some leaders discover, we create teams and organisations in our shadows. What we listen to in ourselves, we listen to in our organisations.

To quote Frederic Laloux – “An organisation cannot evolve beyond its leadership’s stage of development”.

So how are you, your teams and your organisations evolving and in which dimensions are you not evolving?

How might this be related to what is going inside you and your teams?

It’s easy to just focus on what we are Doing in the fast-paced, digital age but I would invite you to remember that you have 2 chairs and time to listen.

If we start with taking our responsibilities to create Well Being inside ourselves, then we might stand a chance of creating well organisations and maybe a well world.